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Sealit Multipurpose


 Multifunctional waterproof material  (base oil)

The product is suitable for

Concrete block (flat)

split face   brick/mud block

Water/English clay board   asbestos board   Floor tile

wall or floor tiles  concrete sink  concrete repair

Decorative fish pond gutters  Granular floor surface

Painted cement roof tiles  Bathroom wall or floor tiles

water-absorbing rough wood   cracked fiberglass

whitewashed cement building

Waterproof It


Varnish (Facial Oil)

The product is suitable for

Terracotta tile roof  wood  brick wall 

Perforated floor or pedestal  

pavement  swimming pool pavement

Slate and concrete paint  stone platform

concrete parking lot floor 

All other materials requiring a medium gloss or decorative finish


147_source_1547770516 (1).jpg


The product is suitable for

retaining wall   Flood Dike

Enterprise cylinder   Bathtub bottom

platform  terrace 

Reservoirs and Planting Ponds




The product is suitable for

Effectively resolve cracks

Effective solution to bulging tiles

Effectively resolves bulging surfaces

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