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What We Can Do for You


Sky surface leak proof   Water tank leak proof   expansion joints

Ishiya Repair   Floor Care   Reward to catch up

crack grouting   Leak-proof by the window   bathroom leak proof  

 wall care

swimming pool project

Concrete cracking and spalling

Clean waterline tiles   Clean up floating debris

​Suck and clean the inside of the pool  Clean the filter inside the suction

Check and clean the backwater separator  Check the circulating pump

Test swimming pool water chlorine and oxygen value  Test pool water pH

Check the dosing pump         Check filter air pressure

Backwash filter tank        Exile filter cylinder air

Check the pool lights         Check the heater

concrete project

Water leaks cause concrete to peel off

Building steel structure loose

Concrete cracking and spalling

Expansion of concrete leads to exposed steel bars

Other projects

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